Tell Your Hacker Story with the Redesigned Profile Pages

We are excited to announce new hacker profile pages on HackerOne! This redesign gives your profile a fresh new look and several new fields so you can more fully express yourself. 

The same way a developer’s GitHub profile often serves as their online resume, the new hacker profile showcases your achievements and gives you the perfect canvas to tell the world more about yourself.  

Specifically, the new profile pages:

  • Help people connect with you wherever you live online—add your GitHub, GitLab, Twitter and other handles and sites to your page. 
  • Show other hackers, companies, and programs what you hunt for, why you hack, and what your ambitions are in the expanded About section. 
  • Consolidate pages to make it easier to search for and browse your profile.

Ben's hacker profile.


Once you update your profile, consider adding the link to your email signature and other online profiles. Got a website? Grab the HackerOne glyph and display it with your other profile icons to link people to your hacker profile. 

We’re excited about the new profile design. Let us know what you think!  

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