HackerOne is a 2019 Cyber Catalyst Designated Cybersecurity Solution

HackerOne has been chosen as a 2019 Cyber CatalystSM designated cybersecurity solution. HackerOne Bounty was selected by Cyber Catalyst insurers as a solution that can have a meaningful impact on reducing cyber risk. Cyber Catalyst was created by Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and innovative risk management solutions to help organizations make more informed cybersecurity choices.

Cyber Catalyst

What Is the Cyber Catalyst Designation?

The Cyber Catalyst designation brings together eight leading cyber insurers to identify cybersecurity solutions they feel are effective in reducing cyber risk. Risk is their business. The Cyber Catalyst designation assures HackerOne Bounty customers that they’ve chosen a solution that is sure to reduce their risk of a security breach

According to Marsh’s Cyber Catalyst designation page, participating insurers evaluated the solutions along six criteria:

  • Reduction of cyber risk: demonstrated ability to address major enterprise cyber risks such as data breach, theft or corruption; business interruption; or cyber extortion.
  • Key performance metrics: demonstrated ability to quantitatively measure and report on factors that reduce the frequency or severity of cyber events.
  • Viability: client-use cases and successful implementation.
  • Efficiency: demonstrated ability of users to successfully implement and govern the use of the product to reduce cyber risk.
  • Flexibility: broad applicability to a range of companies/industries.
  • Differentiation: distinguishing features and characteristics.

Over 150 solutions were reviewed by the insurers and 17 made the cut. We’re proud to be recognized by cyber insurers as a solution that reduces risk for the enterprise.

What The Cyber Catalyst Designation Means For Enterprises

“In the highly complex cybersecurity marketplace, Cyber Catalyst gives business leaders greater clarity and confidence in their cybersecurity choices,” said Tom Reagan, US Cyber Practice Leader at Marsh, which created the Cyber Catalyst program. “We’re excited to showcase leading-edge solutions like HackerOne Bounty, which was identified by participating insurers as able to have a meaningful impact on cyber risk.

HackerOne Bounty uses the power of over 500,000 hackers to find security vulnerabilities in your software. A diverse group of experts catches security vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. The pay-for-performance model means that you only pay for meaningful bugs.

Organizations that adopt Cyber Catalyst-designated solutions may receive enhanced terms and conditions from participating insurers. It’s a win-win for enterprises.

Operational risk is always present in cybersecurity. Many teams are simply too small to protect all of the applications an enterprise uses. HackerOne Bounty allows you to scale your security capabilities while covering all of your assets. Your entire attack surface is covered for a fraction of the cost of the staff necessary to cover it yourself.

Reduce your risk by using a product trusted by cyber insurance companies. Check out HackerOne Bounty for yourself or contact us to learn more.

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