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Hello hackers! 

Thanks to all of you who participated in our #h1415 CTF!  We had a lot of fun building it, and it looks like many of you had a great time participating. As promised, our two winners will be sent to San Francisco for our live hacking event, h1-415! The first five participants who found the flag and submitted a valid write-up will receive a care package including a HackerOne hoodie!

On January 15 at approximately 13:37 PM, our co-founder, Jobert Abma lost access to his account, so we asked our community of hackers to give us a hand in recovering our top-secret documents. Here’s how it went down: 


h1-415 CTF activity

  • The first submission came in about 24 hours and five minutes after the initial launch
  • 47,152,011 requests processed by the server
  • Total number of chat messages: 25208
  • Unique IP addresses: 6349
  • Accessed Jobert’s account (account takeover): 35 people
  • Bypassed CSP: 18 people
  • Finished the CTF: 14 people

…and of course, it’s not a CTF unless somebody finds an unintended solution: 

  • Unintended solutions for ATO: 1 (extra flag)
  • Unintended solutions for CSP bypass: 1

The criteria we judged each report on

  • Creativity
  • Completeness
  • Coherent story
  • Tools used

Drum roll, please…..

The winners of the h1-415 CTF are:

Here are all of the valid submissions sent to us on HackerOne. Thank you to everyone who submitted! And special thanks to @0xacb for all that you did to make this one of our most successful CTFs to date.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at

Congratulations to our winners, and we look forward to sharing our next CTF with you!

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