Terra Development Team Reveals Some Users ‘Received Less Luna From the Airdrop Than Expected’


The new Terra blockchain Phoenix-1 has been operational since Saturday morning May 28, 2022, and on its day, innumerable new Luna tokens were spread to Luna classic (LUNC) and terrausd classic (USTC) holders. However, on Tuesday the Terra development team revealed that some Terra token house owners “received less Luna from the bringing than expected,” and developers area unit “actively acting on an answer.”

Terra Luna Airdrop Suffers From Miscalculation Error — Devs decide to Provide an Answer

On Monday, May 30, 2022, News reported on the new Phoenix-1 blockchain and therefore the native token referred to as Luna. The recent chain has been rebranded and is currently referred to as Terra Classic, and therefore the the} recent chain’s native tokens have also been renamed with the term “classic.” Luna classic (LUNC) and terrausd classic (USTC) area unit still listed on variety of exchanges as tradeable crypto assets. The new Luna token jumped quite eighty fifth in worth on Mon, reaching a high of $11.45 per unit however on weekday, Luna is mercantilism for underneath $10 per unit.

LUNA continues to be up over four-hundredth throughout the past twenty four hours and there’s $941 million in daily trade volume nowadays. Luna features a market valuation of around $2.037 billion at the time of writing and bitcoin (BTC) is that the coin’s prime mercantilism try with fifty five.22% of LUNA’s 24-hour trades. BTC is followed by USDT (32.98%), USD (5.82%), EUR (4.12%), and USDC (1.42%). Terrausd classic (USTC) is up 32.1% on Tuesday, however Luna classic (LUNC) is down 17.4%.

Furthermore, on weekday morning (ET), Terra developers unconcealed that the bringing didn’t go as planned. It looks some users received less Luna throughout the distribution.

The Terra team’s official Twitter page says:

We area unit aware that some have received less Luna from the bringing than expected & area unit actively acting on an answer. a lot of info are provided after we have gathered all of the information, therefore keep tuned.

Terra Token house owners aren’t proud of the Phoenix-1 Distribution set up, several ensure Receiving but Expected and a few Claim They Received Nothing in the least

The Terra developers’ social media post on Twitter is stricken by user complaints and folks confirming the actual fact that that they had not received what they expected. Some Terra users complained they received nothing, whereas alternative Terra token house owners unconcealed their public addresses to prove confirmation that that they had received but what they ought to are airdropped supported the Phoenix-1 distribution set up. Some people criticized the bringing distribution set up and photo date.

“This bringing ought to are tired three stages,” one individual wrote on weekday. “Between the seventh and twelfth of could, the money of the patrons was reset and therefore the bringing failed to work as a result of the amount of lunas they received was low. those that sure Do kwon’s tweets bought it at a high worth.”

Other users complained concerning third parties and common crypto exchanges holding their new Luna tokens prisoner and a few individuals asked the developers to contact bound exchanges. to boot, some users on social media created a fuss concerning non-custodial wallets that don’t support the Phoenix-1 chain at the instant. It’s safe to mention that a good variety of Terra token house owners aren’t proud of however the bringing was deployed. Since the Terra developers disclosed there was a problem with the bringing, the team has not nevertheless created an answer to the matter.

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