Dragos launches info portal to fill security gaps in critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure companies strapped for cash to spend on cybersecurity will have a new free resource to tap into starting Tuesday. Dragos, a leader in cybersecurity for industrial control systems, has launched a new portal designed to help industrial asset owners build operational technology (OT) cybersecurity programs, improve their security postures, and reduce OT risk.

The Dragos OT-CERT (Cybersecurity Emergency Readiness Team) portal offers its users access to OT cybersecurity best practices, cybersecurity maturity assessments, training, workshops, tabletop exercises, webinars, and more. OT-CERT will also coordinate with supply chain OEMs in releasing information about vulnerabilities discovered by Dragos, as well as specific threats to an OEM’s products.

“When I was a CISO, I used to not care if our supply chain OEMs had a security program,” OT-CERT Director Dawn Cappelli tells CSO. “But then they started being hit with ransomware, and what we started finding was our ability to produce our product was being impacted by the security posture of these small- and medium-sized manufacturers who supplied components for our products.”

“Dragos’s mission is to safeguard civilization,” Cappelli adds. “We can’t do that if we only safeguard the big companies that can afford to pay for security products and services.”

Large companies key to OT-CERT success

Dragos believes that larger organizations can benefit from OT-CERT membership, too, from resources such as OT best practices blogs, vulnerability disclosures, and tips for strengthening the security of the smaller companies in their supply chain. “We’d like to see large companies join because they can push OT-CERT down their supply chain,” Cappelli says. “It’s going to be tough to get these small- and medium-sized companies aware that this exists because right now they’re not necessarily paying attention to security.”

In launching OT-CERT, Dragos is partnering with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). “Of the National Association of Manufacturers’ 14,000 member companies, 90% are small- and medium-sized manufacturers that often lack the kind of resources and OT cybersecurity teams that larger organizations have,” NAM COO Todd Boppell said in a statement. “Dragos OT-CERT is the first community-focused resource of its kind to provide practical solutions to this often under-served community.”

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