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One of the best ways to learn about anything and everything is through podcasts. Here at Coding Over Cocktails, we talk to the world’s leading experts on application architecture and development who share with us what they’ve learned through years and years of experience. 

Among the many topics we’ve discussed, one that has been extensively talked about is APIs. If you’re looking to learn more about APIs through the words of industry experts and leaders, we’ve compiled all our episodes on the subject to date in one list, so scroll through our API episodes below and feel free to hit play!

1. Simplifying Application Development Through API-First Design Methodology

Martini Product Architect Vivien Jovet delves into the benefits of API-First Design Methodology and how it can streamline application development.

2. Creating an API Story With Mike Amundsen

Internationally known author and speaker Mike Amundsen discusses the advantages of creating an API story, embracing the API-first design methodology, and how great APIs relate to microservices in breaking down the traditional monolithic application design.

3. Creating a Formal API Program With James Higginbotham

API Consultant and LaunchAny Founder James Higginbotham describes APIs as the “ultimate do-over solution for enterprise IT” and discusses how organizations can establish a formal API program.

4. Are Automated APIs the Future? With Zdenek “Z” Nemec Co-Founder and CTO Zdenek Nemec delves on how one day, APIs will be self describing and discoverable, and integration will be entirely automated, revolutionising how businesses connect digitally.

5.  How Toro Cloud Killed the Connector

Toro Cloud’s CEO and Founder David Brown and Software Architect Vivien Jovet talk about connectors, which are commonly used by integration platforms to facilitate communication with APIs, their limitations, and a better alternative.

6. Talking APIs and Description Languages With Kin Lane

API Evangelist and Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane talks about the OpenAPI specification, fostering collaborations between competing specifications, and the importance of educating organizational leaders about APIs.

7. What I Learned From Deploying Thousands of APIs With Matthew Reinbold

Capital One API and Event Streaming Platforms Director Matthew Reinbold shares his thoughts on how API governance works and how its implementation can help better digital transformation strategies across organizations and industries.

8. Understanding Oauth and Web-API Security With Matthias Biehl

API expert, author, and advisor at API University Matthias Biehl talks about OAuth and how implementing the protocol securely protects APIs as well as microservices.

9. The Design of Web APIs With Arnaud Lauret

In this episode, API Handyman Arnaud Lauret joins us and discusses the design of web APIs – from making them consistent and discoverable to the role of an API gateway. He also chimes in on whether adopting new technologies and trends in API architecture would be the best approach to design your APIs.

10. The State of the API in 2021 With Matthew Reinbold

How did APIs become instrumental to driving digital transformation in 2021? In this episode, Postman’s Director for API Platform Ecosystems and Digital Transformation Matthew Reinbold returns to talk to us about their findings in The 2021 State of API report, and how APIs have become essential in allowing businesses to adapt to massive change. We also learn how IT teams are approaching API development, how to become a high-performing API company, and some tips to get the competitive edge against slow-adaptors.

11. Testing Web APIs With Mark Winteringham

In this episode, we take a look at the importance of testing and a good test strategy model when developing software and APIs. We are joined by Ministry of Testing’s OpsBoss and author of Testing of Web APIs Mark Winteringham, who tells us why he advocates for API testing even before a line of code is written. He also talks about how testing helps control risk and quality during the development lifecycle, and how it can help bring IT teams and stakeholders together on the same page.

12. Designing APIs With Swagger and OpenAPI With Joshua S. Ponelat and Lukas L. Rosenstock

What makes OpenAPI today’s standard when it comes to describing APIs? In this episode, we tackle the advantages of using the OpenAPI description format and its proper application when designing APIs. SmartBear senior architect Joshua Ponelat and API consultant Lucas Rosenstock, co-authors of “Designing APIs with Swagger and OpenAPI,” give us a closer look at the specification and tooling that has become the standard choice today and share some tips for building well-designed APIs.

13. What You Need To Know About Streaming APIs With Luis Weir

In this episode, we discuss the business value of APIs and API strategies and why implementing them is beneficial to an organization and to several industries. We are joined by Oracle Hospitality Senior Director of Product Management Luis Weir, who talks about his first-hand experiences in overseeing API strategies and tackles some concepts behind Streaming APIs.

14. Enabling GDPR Compliance Through APIs With Mehdi Medjaoui

What exactly does GDPR mean for businesses and API developers? In this episode, we talk about the important concepts of GDPR and how APIs can help organizations with compliance. We are joined by the APIDays Conference founder and ALIAS co-founder Mehdi Medjaoui, who also discusses the API-as-a-product mindset and some of the most popular API styles today.

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