Bye-bye best-of-breed?

When I started working in cybersecurity 20 years ago, there were a few rock-solid security technology principles treated as gospel.  One of those was the insistence on best-of-breed security technologies.  Those of you working in security in the early 2000s may remember installing independent firewall and antivirus software on every endpoint. 

Best-of-breed technologies were then combined as part of another time-honored principle—defense-in-depth.  In theory, best-of-breed technologies would complement one another for incremental security protection.

During the intervening years, the best-of-breed mentality was imbued within cybersecurity culture, while individuals and groups closely protected their preferred technologies.  Your organization was a McAfee or Symantec shop and used Check Point, Cisco, or Fortinet firewalls.  Security “server huggers” saw any suggestion of change as blasphemy. 

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