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Netbeans Platform Offshore has received an increased amount of attention given the massive amount of attention placed on the supply chain crisis that has occurred all throughout the world in recent years. Modern ships rely on NetBeans Platform Offshore and similar technologies to help guide them where they need to go. Thus, the world’s reliance on Netbeans Platform Offshore could not be more obvious at this time.

Better Software Systems Onboard Ships Make Them More Reliable

Cargo ships and other naval vessels are very delicate pieces of equipment that can be easily disrupted by a malfunctioning piece of software equipment. If something goes wrong with the Netbeans system onboard, then a ship can be routed in the completely wrong direction from where it was intended to go.

Obviously, the world of global commerce simply cannot allow for this to happen, and companies are responding to the need.

Software Can Help Maintain Crew Safety

Netbeans is being relied upon more than ever for crew safety at this point. After a review of all known marine system models, the Netbeans system was built to incorporate all of the best parts from each system to help promote safe passage and crew safety while on board the ship. 

At the same time, developers had to ensure that the enhanced security features would not hinder the ship from going where it needed to go. After all, the world of commerce moves faster than ever before these days, and there is no way that slowing the ship too much would be permitted by the companies that own and operate these vessels. 

They care about their profits and bottom line, and they wouldn’t want to give those up too much.

Modern ships and rigs have advanced computer systems for dynamic positioning, power generation and distribution, and drilling operations. Software errors in these systems lead to delays and non-productive time, and compromise safety. 

Marine Cybernetics performs independent testing and verification of computer system software to detect and eliminate such errors and weaknesses using Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing technology.


Centralized Control and Overrides

Two important things about the Netbeans system is that it provides both centralized control over the vessel and also allows for human overrides as necessary. If there is ever a situation in which the software program is incorrect in its assumptions or makes an error, humans can jump in and make the necessary corrections to get things right. 

It is wonderful to see the two things working in tandem, and it provides strong evidence that this is the way forward.

Based on our extensive library of marine system models, we build applications and user interfaces for our testers and customers, based on the NetBeans Platform. The modular nature of our simulators and the diversity of test programs and vessel configurations make the NetBeans Platform a natural choice. 

Coupled with Maven, Hudson and an agile approach to software development, the NetBeans Platform enables us to quickly roll out new applications and adapt to the changing offshore industry.

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The screenshot above is taken from a Power Plant HIL Simulator, but we also make HIL simulators for Dynamic Positioning, Steering, Propulsion, Thrusters, Drilling Systems, Cranes and other systems. Our database of test programs and procedures is also powered by a NetBeans Platform application.

Independently Verified

Finally, one more reason to rest easy with the Netbeans system on board is the fact that it has been independently tested and verified. A third-party has been brought in to help ensure that the system is working as designed. 

That is clearly a very big deal because not every company would be so willing to work with outside auditors to ensure that everything was working as designed, but the makers of Netbeans are perfectly fine with doing exactly that. 

They want to make sure their systems are the safest and most tested on the planet, and they are not afraid to let another party poke around those systems to discover if this is the case.

Continue to check out what Netbeans comes up with next as they are sure to provide the world with very interesting and useful equipment.

Could More Useful Onboard Technology Help Supply Chain Issues?

Unless you have had your head under a rock for the last several years, you are well aware of the fact that there have been some major supply chain issues that have caused trouble for seaports all throughout the world. 

Instead of getting things to customers right when they require them, many shipping companies have been woefully behind on getting their shipments to customers as designed. Thus, people are starting to ask if it might be possible to use onboard technology to help get the cargo from ships to where it needs to go much more quickly.

Indeed, it does feel like there is some hope that some of the technologies that Netbeans has produced could help prevent some of the hang-ups at ports. This is not to suggest that Netbeans can do it all by itself, but there are plenty of people working on the problem, and it feels like a little extra guidance technology may be exactly what is called for to get the job done.

Yes, there are going to need to be even more people hired to keep freight moving where it needs to go, but we cannot forget the fact that there are a lot of people counting on crews to bring their supplies to them in a timely fashion. The best way to reach that goal is to use the most up-to-date technologies in the world to make it happen.

Navigation is a must for all shipping concerns, and having the best technologies on board means that one can finally get ships where they need to go.

Estimates suggest that literally billions of dollars have been wiped off of the economies of the world because of supply chain issues. The fact that some of this can be remedied by just getting ships where they need to go is a wonderful piece of news for all involved.

Tracking Shipping Containers and More

Expectations are such that Netbeans may have the ability to track shipping containers and provide other valuable insights into what is going on in the world of shipping. If so, the value that they provide will surely skyrocket. 

The entire world relies on shipments that are brought to them via the ocean, and any system that can help make that process a bit smoother is going to be lauded as the next great thing when it comes to economic growth and stability. 

Netbeans is here to help bring that next chapter forward, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude for the work that they are actively doing to help all mankind.

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