Ruby on Rails vs Python for Web Development

What Is Ruby?

Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented script-based programming language. The purpose is to combine the advantages of all scripting programming languages in the world. Ruby is written in the C programming language with the same basic capabilities as Perl and python.

Ruby was first created by a Japanese programmer named Yukihiro Matsumoto, initiated from Yukihiro’s desire to create a scripting language that has object orientation capabilities. Indeed, at that time, object-oriented programming languages were developing, but there was no scripting that supported object programming.

Ruby is often used as a programming language that supports website creation. With server-side rendering based, where a website needs to be rendered through a server, it is an advantage, especially for search engine optimization. But the ruby is often equated with python because it has the same basic capabilities.

What Is Python?

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages, starting in machine learning, data science, and academia. The beginning appeared in 1991; a programmer named Guido van Rossum wanted to help coders in writing logical and clear code for large and small-scale projects.

The python philosophy prioritizes readability by following an object-oriented approach. But what are the differentiating factors of these two programming languages, especially for website development? Better ruby or python? Let’s see the direct explanation in this article.

Why Are They Used in Web Development?

MVC Architecture in Ruby on Rails

It was mentioned earlier that these two programming languages can be used for website development or creating websites from scratch. Ruby on rails is designed based on the basic MVC architecture. MVC or Modal View Controller is a software design pattern for developing web applications that consist of 3 parts:

  1. Modal
  2. View
  3. Controller

Python Framework for Web Development

Python has a framework that supports web development. With the flexibility of scripting, it can carry out various functions as a programming language. Indeed, some people know it as a backend programming language. Because this programming language is supported by the speed of transferring data to and from the server, interacting with the database, and managing site security. On the other hand, there are many python frameworks that support website development, such as:

Ruby on Rails vs Python: Comparison Breakdown

Is Ruby Better Than Python?

Comparison Breakdown

Based on data from, it can be concluded that Ruby is superior to Python. There is a big difference in numbers between Ruby (5.7%) and Python (1.4%) of 4.3%. This shows Ruby has a tremendous advantage in web development based on server-side programming languages. Although both are equally fast, efficient, and have a large and loyal community, they cannot be separated from the needs of each website owner. One of the strong assumptions is that most website owners want fast prototyping of traffic-heavy applications. In addition, the belief that has been attached to the quality of ruby and its popularity is a factor of excellence over python.

Purpose of Developing the Website

Intended necessity refers to the purpose of the website owner. Because both have advantages that are used according to needs. RoR is widely used by companies because it offers lots of useful libraries and tools that can speed up work. But it has the downside of flexibility for projects that require multiple creative solutions.

While Python is commonly used to automate workflows for project purposes, it is usually widely used in building website applications, machine learning, and trading applications. The popularity of this use of python tends to lead to data processing or connecting databases.

RoR vs Python: Based on Performance

Both are languages that have similar performance. However, this can be distinguished if it is implemented in a project. Here are the conditions that satisfy both of them for use in the project

  • For web projects/applications Ruby on Rails is much more mature than python
  • If you are interested in creating data projects, IoT (Internet of Things) or hacking is recommended to choose python

Ruby on Rails vs Python: Which Language Is Best for Web Development?

It is indeed very difficult to compare these two languages to choose a project to create or develop a website. Having the speed, advantages, and disadvantages of each, as well as its popularity, many website owners often follow the current trend of programming languages. But very few know the use and purpose of using the programming language itself since the beginning of its creation and development. RoR and Python have clearly described their uses and capabilities. 

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